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Essays & Reviews

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Hitler's Russia Blunder

Olympus and the Arkansawyer

A World in Words

A New Beginning

High Profile

Phillip McMath

JFK & The Unopened Door

Washington Times

JFK & The Unopened Door


Catastrophe Demands Heroes

Anchor 2

The Shrine & The Senator

A Date That Will Live In Infamy

Reflections on Charlottesville

The Trial & Hanging of

David O. Dodd.

Anchor 3

1864 Letter 1

David O. Dodd

1915 Letter 2

David O. Dodd

Second Train To Minsk

To Kill A Butterfly

The Soviet Tragedy

The Blessings of Modernity

On Being


Dismantling Machinery

Ideology Without Pity

Questioning the President's Cognition

Paying the Price of Retreat

The Foreword to Karski's Message

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